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Whether driving the excavator, the dump truck or the pumper, David Acheychek has seen it all.

Two decades of experience in Septic and Sewer Construction has taught me a lot of lessons about about septic and sewer system design, construction and maintenance. Four years studying and a college degree in the Engineering part of this business and ten years more running my own company have shown me how to do this job better than most. This blog contains my thoughts on all things Septic in Middlesex and New London counties. Contact us to suggest a subject for our next blog post.

We are working during the Connecticut COVID-19 Crisis

As per Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont’s executive order 7H, excavation and septic services companies such as Engineered Septic & Sewer are deemed Essential Businesses and are allowed to operate during this uncertain and disconcerting time.

Covid-19 Connecticut MapWhile we are relieved to know that we can continue to provide our customers with essential excavation, septic tank and sewer construction as well as septic and sewer cleaning and maintenance services, we also know this comes with a responsibility to the community.

Therefore, it’s important that we make sure our customers as well as the community at large know that we will operate during this period with the utmost concern for our employees, customers and neighbors in mind.

What does this mean?

First, while going about our professional duties, we will employ safe interaction practices as per the CDC. We have reviewed the OSHA guidelines for operating a business during the Covid-19 outbreak and have trained all employees on operating safely in this new environment.

Second, when it comes to customer interactions and jobsite practices, we have adopted a “Covid-19 Hand’s Free” process from initial customer interaction to job completion. To protect both our employees and our customers, we will employ common-sense protocols such as employee fever monitoring, hand and sneeze/coughing sanitation practices as well as maintaining safe work distances between our workers and customers. You can learn more about these jobsite practices in guidance posted by The Builders Association.

Finally, we realize that many of our business acquaintances, friends and neighbors have been asked by Governor Lamont to remain at home during the foreseeable future. We here at Engineered Septic & Sewer view our ability to work as both a privilege and a responsibility. We have emphasized this with each of our employees and have asked them – safely – to check with neighbors to determine if they can bring anything to them while travelling back home from work.

If you have any needs during this time, please let us know. We are certain we will all get through this together; in the meantime please take care of yourselves and do whatever is necessary for your health and well-being.

David Acheychek and the team at Engineered Septic & Sewer

At Engineered Septic & Sewer we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the services we provide or any questions specific to your project. Please feel free to email or contact our office 1 (860) 767-0603 for a consultation.

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Septic Regulations in Connecticut

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If you are one of the about 1.5 million Connecticut residents – roughly 42% of the state’s population – who reside in dwellings with private on-site sewage systems, then this blog post is for you. It concerns Connecticut State regulations regarding septic tanks and also provides some contact information to learn more about these regulations […]

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Spring Septic Tank Maintenance to keep your system Smelling Sweet

Posted on April 21, 2021

If it’s spring here in Essex, thanks to the Essex Foundation, you can take in the sweet smell of daffodils blooming around just about every corner. If you don’t want to experience a different odor in your own yard, it’s a good time to consider whether your septic system is ready for summer.   Weather and […]

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Winter Septic Tank Problems and how to avoid them

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Do you have winter septic tank problems in Middlesex County? Essex, Old Saybrook, or Old Lyme, CT? Engineered Septic & Sewer can help.

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New Haven Sewer Connection

Posted on July 21, 2020

This video captures some of the action during our two day City Sewer Connection project in downtown New Haven, CT.

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Septic Tanks and COVID-19

Posted on May 4, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic presents many challenges; being home during Quarantine is one of them. This can also put a strain on your septic tank. Learn More.

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Our newest toy – the Mecalac MCR-10 Skid-Excavator

Posted on April 16, 2019

Our new Mecalac MCR-10 Skid Excavator is one of the most advanced on the market. Fast, powerful and a load of fun. Click to learn more.

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Three Tips to Prepare Your Septic System for Fall and Winter

Posted on August 23, 2018

As the carefree days of Summer along the Connecticut Shoreline begin drawing to a close, you can save yourself considerable anxiety and trouble by preparing your residential or business septic system for the cold and snowy Connecticut fall and winter months. Here are three simple tips to prepare your septic system and minimize the potential […]

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Westbrook Storm Water Management

Posted on August 12, 2018

We just started a big commercial Storm Water Management project in New Haven; it’s a sizable project that will keep some of our crew busy for the next couple months. But it got us to thinking – what do people think about municipal storm water management? Living on the shoreline, storm water management is a […]

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Clinton Septic Tank Cleaning Requirements

Posted on August 12, 2018

The town of Clinton, CT requires that all property owners have their septic tanks cleaned every five years. According to the On-site Sewage Disposal System Maintenance Ordinance, each property owner who has an on-site septic receiving structure must have it cleaned and inspected every five years.

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Old Lyme Sewage Disposal Regulations

Posted on August 11, 2018

While we work throughout New London and Middlesex Counties, our focus is on Septic Systems in Essex, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme and towns nearby. As such, we’ve become experts on the Septic Regulations in our key focus towns. If you reside in Old Lyme, you will find the official Septic Regulations by clicking here.

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Septic Tank Maintenance

Posted on August 11, 2018

Tips to help you extend the life of your septic system, save on septic tank maintenance costs and protect water quality. Your septic system is one of the workhouse systems in your household. The average home with two baths and three occupants produces over 85,000 gallons of wastewater annually – roughly 250 to 300 gallons […]

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Old Saybrook Septic System Suggestions

Posted on August 9, 2018

Are you looking for Old Saybrook Septic System maintenance and longevity tips? Check out these thoughts on Septic System usage from the Town of Old Saybrook website. For us here at Engineered Septic & Sewer, the one thing we always tell people who are having Septic System issues is – to the extent possible – […]

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Shoreline Septic System Considerations

Posted on July 28, 2018

Connecticut Shoreline Septic Systems require care to make sure unprocessed waste water and sewage doesn't reach the Sound. We share some tips in this post.

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Engineered Difference

As an engineer, I take a different view of septic tank services than your average septic tank guy. Anytime you bring me into the picture; I'm going to look at the whole picture. My recommendations will always come from a holistic, system-wide point of view. - David Acheychek, B.S., Engineering. Clarkson University